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Are you keen to equip your own staff to deliver visual arts or outdoor learning for your children? We come across many teachers, playworkers and conservation volunteers who would like to improve their skills in these areas but don’t know where to start.

Forest Schools - your school grounds or local woodland
Would you like to offer your children valuable outdoor learning experiences? Is your school located near a woodland, onsite or nearby? Are you concerned about the risks?

At Nature Nurture we recognise that taking a group of children to a woodland setting can be a daunting prospect. What if they get cold? Won’t they run off? How can we keep them safe? Our training sessions not only provide teachers with numerous activity ideas tailored to your local woodland setting and curriculum, we also support your staff to devise a behavioural management strategy and put together their own Risk Assessment.

Visual Arts
When it comes to creativity, many of us assume that because we don’t consider ourselves to be artistic, our teaching will be limited in these areas - not so! We believe that if we set up the right environment and a few basic materials, we can all support children to express themselves through creativity and gain skills. Nature Nurture artists offers INSET days and on-the-job training to nursery and primary school staff, giving them the confidence and skills to embed creativity into their teaching practice.