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Wild Town Consultancy


Welcome to Wild Town. We're on a mission to give people the chance to learn, have fun, enjoy nature and get active outdoors in their local green space.

Amidst the built up areas of many towns across the UK are hidden gems; pockets of woodlands and meadows within walking distance of where we live, work or go to school. Reading, like many towns has loads of wild spaces, where children can roam free, play and learn. Sadly, these spaces are underused by the community. And it’s not just our town - parents and teachers across the land are struggling to get their kids away from the screens, outside the classroom and into the wild.

We want to bring back the wild to the child; things like building dens, hunting bugs, conker well as learning about nature, all in our local parks, woodlands and other wild spaces.

We recognise the barriers and we want to help child-carers to overcome them.

Let's face it, life gets busy. Our weather is unpredictable and the news fills us with fear of strangers. Teachers have a heck of a workload and aren't the kids wild enough already? We don't think so. We believe that spending time outdoors in the natural environment is vital to children developing into happy, healthy people who care about the planet. We fully support The ‘Nature and Wellbeing Act’ Green Paper. Take a look and find out just how much people need nature.

Do you work for your local authority, housing trust or conservation group? Nature Nurture can help you connect your community with the wild!

We offer consultancy, training, events and workshops that help you connect your community to the green spaces in your town. We can help you with community engagement and forging partnerships between schools, children's centres, health providers, community and conservation groups. We can help you assess your wild spaces and work with you to create print and digital maps and resources that engage your diverse community. We can help people of all ages discover some of the amazing wildlife that live there too!

Our urban Wild areas are essential to happy, healthy communities. We don't need to jump in the car to access the countryside - it's on our doorstep!
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Members of The Wild Network

the-wild-networkWe’re proud to be part of The Wild Network, whose mission is to support children, parents and guardians of children to roam free, play wild and connect with nature. An amazing film, Project Wild Thing, kickstarted this nationwide movement and we’re going to create ‘The Wild Town Toolkit’ which we’ll share with other organisations across the land who want to make their own town go wild!

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