What we do


Enriching education through nature connection.

Empower teaching staff to create positive behaviours, deliver better educational outcomes and enhance the child wellbeing by making the most of your school grounds and local green spaces.

Through our outdoor education training and resources, aligned closely to National Curriculum targets and guidelines and delivered in and around the Thames Valley, Early Years and Primary children get fully inclusive access to the spaces right outside their classroom. And in doing so, normalising their relationship with nature and embedding the need to protect it and connect with it as they grow.

Co-deliver lasting change by giving teachers and TAs the tools and confidence to deliver wild teaching.

Improve pupils’ physical and mental wellbeing and enhance focus and behaviour in the classroom.  

Build pride and respect for nature early on.

Improve the wellbeing of teaching staff and relieve the pressure on pastoral support

Supporting the health and wellbeing of all children

We offer a range of place-based solutions that make the most of what you’ve got including:

Our Wild Teaching toolkit, developed through funding from the Department of Education and DEFRA, can be tailored to any early years or primary school setting.

It is designed to be co-delivered, with a focus on training and empowering teaching staff to integrate Wild Teaching in a way that best works for you and your school.

Spending time outdoors has a protective effect on mental health. Restoring and expanding green and blue spaces in urban areas increases the resilience of cities in the face of pandemics.

Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences as part of a international study carried out in March-May 2020.

Get in touch to discuss a specific need for your community or to find out more about the work we’re doing in and around the Reading area

Explore our learning resources.

Wild Workout and Mindful Mouse are toolkits designed to help children enjoy spending time in nature and improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Why partner with Nature Nurture?

  • We work with local community partnerships, agencies and organisations to deliver complex projects and ensure their legacy
  • We’re experienced working with marginalised communities, acting as an intermediary for you to gain trust and commitment to your project
  • We work with data to solve your problems, ensuring you’re spending your money where you can make the biggest difference to wellbeing, nature and biodiversity
  • We understand how to harness the potential of your blue and green infrastructure and make the most of what you have
  • We’re leading the Reading 2050 City of Parks and Rivers theme, advising on the future of Reading if we improve biodiversity and engage our wider, diverse community.

Darwin’s Living Laboratory with English Heritage

Putting your visitors at the heart of your new experiences is excellent - but don’t forget your volunteers.

We bridged the gap between traditional heritage-based knowledge and engaging a new audience in ecology and the natural world, empowering volunteers and staff to deliver a high-quality family visitor experience in the gardens of Darwin’s home – Down House.

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