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Green Social Prescribing

Green Social Prescribing

Nature Nurture harnesses the healing power of nature to help individuals reconnect with themselves and the world around them. Our programmes take place in parks, woodlands and along our waterways in Reading and the surrounding area. We understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and so is their path to wellbeing. Our green social prescribing programmes are specifically designed to help people explore new avenues of self-improvement, resilience, and community involvement.

Thanks to funding from the National Academy of Social Prescribing and Reading Borough Council, we have developed green social prescribing programmes to support adults living with mental and physical health challenges. We go out of our way to address equity through nature and our partnerships with Refugee Support Group and British Islamic Gardens have been key to this.

“Green social prescribing bridges the gap between traditional healthcare and community-based support, utilising the healing power of nature to enhance physical health, mental wellbeing, and social connectivity.”

Walking for wellbeing

Our ‘Walking for Wellbeing’ programme is a unique blend of physical activity and mental health support. We take participants on a journey through nature spaces, led by our team of compassionate, professionally-trained staff whose skills span nature connection and the creative arts.

Let’s look after nature

Our conservation programmes are not only beneficial for the individual participants but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Participants have the opportunity to foster a sense of purpose and accomplishment, knowing that their efforts are making a significant impact.  It’s a win-win for both people and the planet.

“My first time helping with work at the Holy Brook Nook site was the first thing that I’d done since Covid lockdowns that wasn’t specifically for people with mental health issues. A brave step for me, but a brilliantly rewarding one. I’ve loved helping at the site! I felt welcomed and taken care of from the start.  I’ve also seen it affect other people in the same way – such as, the young man recommended there by his GP, totally out of his comfort zone, but also glowing with enjoyment after an afternoon there, and returning.

I don’t know yet where it will take me next, but I now feel there’s a positive world out there – in nature and in people and in further travels. In the meantime, I know I have a welcome, positive work, good company and so much new to learn, at Holy Brook Nook.”

GSP Participant, Holy Brook Nook

Referrals & Accessibility

You don’t need a formal referral to join us. Individuals can self-refer, or they may be referred by GPs and social prescribing link workers who recognise the benefits our programmes can offer.

Price Guide:

We are constantly seeking funds to enable us to deliver  these life-enhancing programmes to our community for free. It’s part of our commitment to making mental health support accessible to all, regardless of economic status.

Six week green social prescribing programme with 2 facilitators = £1800 – £3600

Price depends on level of community engagement required to reach your participants.

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Walking for Wellbeing

Palmer Park A weekly walk where lasting friendships grew and flourished.

The mark of success for us is when we see activities continuing long after our programmes have finished and to know that the women we bought together are still meeting up for a self-organised weekly walk months later. Well, we couldn’t ask for a better legacy, could we?

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