What we do


Promoting healthcare equity through fully accessible green social prescribing to enhance wellbeing for all.

Co-create a more equitable approach to nature-based wellbeing to build happy, healthy communities, supporting those living with mental and physical health challenges and those working within primary and secondary health care.

Our green social prescribing (GSP) provides inclusive nature-based therapeutic programmes for all – including marginalised communities that experience health inequality, in partnership with local authorities, agencies and hyperlocal organisations in the Thames Valley. We have also worked with the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Royal College of GPs to create GSP-specific resources.

Engage underrepresented communities

Create an upstream intervention, aiding health and wellbeing management, for example, for those with early-stage dementia or mild mental health issues.

Build pride and respect for local spaces.

When we connect with nature, we connect to ourselves, creating a sense of purpose and belonging.

Our work includes finding and applying for funding grants so our GSP interventions, including our curated Walking for Wellbeing programmes, remain free.

For example, we secured funding from the National Academy for Social Prescribing and Reading Borough Council to enable delivery of our Conservation and Walking for Wellbeing projects – both GSP programmes.

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Why partner with Nature Nurture?

  • We work with hyper-local community partnerships, agencies and local organisations to deliver complex, large-scale projects and ensure their legacy.
  • We’re experienced working with marginalised communities, acting as an intermediary for you to gain trust and commitment to your project.
  • We work with data to solve your problems, ensuring you’re spending your money where you can make the biggest difference to wellbeing, nature and biodiversity 
  • We understand how to use outdoor spaces and make the most of what’s on patients’ doorsteps to support their wellbeing and give them a sense of purpose. 
  • We have also worked with the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Royal College of GPs to create GSP-specific resources.

Walking for Wellbeing

Palmer Park A weekly walk where lasting friendships grew and flourished.

The mark of success for us is when we see activities continuing long after our programmes have finished and to know that the women we bought together are still meeting up for a self-organised weekly walk months later. Well, we couldn’t ask for a better legacy, could we?

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