What we do

Local authorities

A hyperlocal solution to a global environmental challenge.

Connect your diverse communities to your green and blue infrastructure, improving wellbeing, increasing biodiversity and creating natural spaces accessible to all.

Working in partnership with your community and other 3rd sector organisations, we co-create nature-based wellbeing solutions to make your parks, woodlands and waterways more inviting and better used.

Our localised approach enables you to maximise your assets and produce lasting change, ensuring funding is spent wisely and engaging and up-skilling those involved in delivery.

Engage underrepresented communities in the Thames Valley area

Transform family life, creating free outdoor adventures for all

Create a positive impact on social care, aiding health and wellbeing 

Build pride and respect for local spaces

Improving the lives of those living and working in the Thames Valley

We offer a range of place-based solutions that make the most of what you’ve got including:

Get in touch to discuss a specific need for your community or to find out more about the work we’re doing in and around the Reading area

Why partner with Nature Nurture?

  • We work with local community partnerships, agencies and organisations to deliver complex projects and ensure their legacy
  • We’re experienced working with marginalised communities, acting as an intermediary for you to gain trust and commitment to your project
  • We work with data to solve your problems, ensuring you’re spending your money where you can make the biggest difference to wellbeing, nature and biodiversity
  • We understand how to harness the potential of your blue and green infrastructure and make the most of what you have
  • We’re leading the Reading 2050 City of Parks and Rivers theme, advising on the future of Reading if we improve biodiversity and engage our wider, diverse community.

Holy Brook Nook

Our flagship community venture that’s left a sizeable legacy.

By utilising Reading Borough Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) , we transformed a run-down area that had previously been known for crime and persistent drug use and opened up a world of opportunity for residents and the wider environment.

Conservation, a play and learning space, public art, walking programmes, events and a community garden, the list of what we achieved is substantial. We’ve strengthened our existing partnerships and forged new ones. And have successfully engaged local schools and the community to co-create a thriving natural space that everyone is keen to protect.

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