Our story

we are nature.

and nature is us.

Our world faces the biggest crisis of our lifetime as we become disconnected from nature and our impact on it. but all is not lost.

Through local action, education and sharing our knowledge and experience, we can – and do – make a difference.

our vision

To bring urban communities and nature together to co-create a healthier, happier future for people and planet.

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our mission

To enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of our diverse communities by engaging and connecting them with the parks, woodlands and waterways on their doorstep.

Because, the more immersed we are in nature, the more resilient we become and the more likely we are to care for the environment we live in, ensuring wildlife, communities and people thrive.

our values

Endlessly creative

Embrace equity

Strength in collaboration

Nature for everybody

kindness matters

kind words

As a parent of four and foster carer to many, I cannot emphasise enough the need for children to be reconnected with the outdoors and their local environment.

Victoria Butler-Broad, Reading Parent

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