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Outdoor Education

Wild Teaching® is our very own tailored range of services, designed to support happy, healthy children, engaged in learning.

Wild Teaching® Space Audit

We know that all spaces for learning are precious, but that many schools struggle to know how to make use of and manage their outdoor areas. Whether you have a school field or a tarmac area, we can help you make the most of it for your teaching and explore ways to boost biodiversity.
Our specialist team of outdoor educators can audit your school grounds and work with your staff to explore how to use your grounds to enrich the curriculum and support health and wellbeing.


  • Consultation session to understand your aspirations and challenges.
  • Site visit and audit
  • Recommendations for cost-effective ways to embed outdoor learning in your curriculum
  • Recommendations for boosting biodiversity, such as wildflower areas and tree planting

Price guide

£800 – £1200

Site audit, make the most of your wild outdoor learning space.

Wild Teaching® sessions

Taster day, half day or six week programme of curriculum linked outdoor teaching with our specialist trainers, on your own school ground, local park or woodland. Sessions tailored to EYFS, KS1 and KS2 learning stages. Our holistic Wild Teaching pedagogy is inspired by Forest School and Earth Education and carefully tailored to the national curriculum, catering for groups of up to 30. Children’s mental health and wellbeing is at the core of our approach and we have worked with neurodiversity specialists to make sure we support children living with Autism and ADHD.

Wild Nurture Groups

Building on the success of our Wild Teaching pedagogy, we found that some pupils benefited from working in smaller groups, with additional support. Our Wild Nurture Groups offer extra input for those pupils who perhaps because of behavioural or special educational needs require a little extra help. As with all our programmes, we champion co-delivery with your staff team, so that they gain the skills and confidence to continue outdoor activities.

Wild Teaching is currently provided in Reading and the surrounding area.


  • Pre-workshop session (online or in person) to assess your needs
  • All additional outdoor insurance, risk assessments and equipment.
  • Forest School Level 3 Facilitator, with assistant where required for your staff ratios

Price guide

Full day session for up to 30 children: £550 – £750

Six week programme for up to 30 children:  £1200 – £2200

Wild Teacher® Training

We offer training within your school grounds or nearby park or woodlands, just a walk away from your school. We suggest that you include as many of your team as possible including teachers, TAs and Lunchtime Supervisors. This can be an INSET day or half day, or an after school Twilight session. The session includes exploring the benefits of nature-based learning, how to overcome the barriers, managing risk and a range of hands-on learning activities designed to enrich the curriculum and support wellbeing.

Includes a pre-training session to assess your needs and assess your school grounds or nearby parks and woodlands.

Price guide

Half day or Twilight teacher training session: £750-1200

Full day teacher training session: £800 – £1500

depending on number of participants

Wild Teaching® Toolkit

We can provide a comprehensive ‘Wild Teaching® Toolkit’ tailored to your setting, with session plans for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Through an initial consultation, we find out about your aspirations and how we can support your school improvement plan. We map your chosen Wild Teaching® area; for some schools this is their school grounds and for others, this may be a nearby public park or woodland.

As well as providing toolkits for schools, we work with the conservation and housing sectors to create Wild Teaching® Toolkits to encourage self-led visits from primary schools in green spaces and conservation areas.

Your Wild Teaching® Toolkit includes:

  • The benefits of nature-based learning
  • Overcoming the barriers
  • Map of your space and information on learning zones and wildlife (such as tree species and minibeasts)
  • Three session plans for each year group, which can be delivered over several weeks.
  • Curriculum link tables, emphasising core subjects
  • Signposting to heaps of additional outdoor learning resources
  • Sample letter to families and Risk Assessments

Price guide

£2500 – £5500

Earth Action Challenge

Many schools are looking for ways to bring climate change into the curriculum, but don’t know where to start. We designed ‘The Earth Action Challenge’ to help teachers introduce complex issues in a fun, engaging way that inspires action without the eco-anxiety.

We can provide a half day or full day of activities, on your school grounds, with themes including:

  • Ocean Plastic
  • Fast Fashion
  • Bees Please
  • Food Miles
  • Food Waste

Each child pledges an action at the end of the session and they all receive ‘The Earth Action Challenge’ certificate.

We’ve worked with Oxford Road Primary and Wilson Primary Schools as well as community events as part of Reading Climate Festival . Check out short film

Price guide

Full day session for up to 30 children: £650 – £850

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