Project Stories

Earth Action Challenge

The best place to learn about action on climate change is within nature itself.

When nurturing a sense of the meaningful action we can take to combat climate change, particularly with children, fun is the order of the day. Our Earth Action Challenge, a community engagement event, encouraged families to get hands-on in nature, exploring the different things they can do at home to make a difference.

A local response to a national event

Part of the national Great Big Green Week in 2021 and 2022, the UK’s largest event for climate and nature, we designed the Earth Action Challenge specifically from a child’s perspective.

We wanted to encourage families to immerse themselves in nature and the specific nature connection and creative arts activities we developed, providing a more positive, less doom-and-gloom way to present the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss and the need to take action.

“The event was well organised with lots of fun activities that were also educational – perfect for children and adults. The ‘food miles’ exercise was a great visualisation for the kids, especially comparing an apple from New Zealand and the UK.”

The Earth Action Challenge was designed with the solar punk collective Commando Jugendstil for Reading Climate Festival and Reading Climate Action Network. The Climate Coalition funded it, and Lavender Place, a community garden managed by Food4Families.

We also delivered the Earth Action Challenge with children from Wilson Primary School and Oxford Road Community School and at Reading’s Water Fest 2023.