Project Stories

GP support for green social prescribing

A hyperlocal solution to a growing national problem.

Gloucestershire-based GP practice, one of seven green social prescribing (GSP) test and learn pilots, approached us to help devise a way to deliver the programme in order to link patients with the GSP opportunities in their area. Recognising that awareness was low of the benefits of GSP or how to provide it, we used our experience, creativity and co-creation expertise to produce a GP guide and template that can easily be rolled out in surgeries in the West Country.

A new dimension to social care

Green social prescribing (GSP) enables health professionals, including social prescribing link workers based at GP surgeries, to connect people with local nature-based interventions and activities to improve physical and mental health outcomes.

For people dealing with mental health challenges, long-term medical conditions and even loneliness and isolation, GSP provides a non-clinical way to support their needs. But it’s a new approach. And not everyone is up to speed with it.

Making nature accessible to all

We designed a PDF guide with lots of generic but valuable information to create interest – and action with GPs. We also created a local guide intended to be fully customisable by each practice. This guide included street views of the area surrounding the surgery, with all the green spaces and waterways mapped on with a list of the available activities and opportunities to interact with nature.

Along with our work with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, we continue to work with  GP practices local to the Reading Area, making sure we not only can use our influence at a national policy level but also continue to make actionable change locally.