Project Stories

Nature Matters

A picture tells a thousand words.

Our director, Natalie Ganpatsingh, created original artwork commissioned by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to demonstrate the importance of nature connection in managing mental health in children and young people.

Eco-anxiety is a growing reality for the younger generation as they feel the pressures in an ever-challenging world. Recognising this experience – and the understanding that connection with nature, whether that’s noticing nature in the clinic, listening to the unique nature stories that matter for each child and their family or through specific nature-based interventions, is a powerful way for psychiatrists to support children and young people’s health and wellbeing.

Art and nature – the perfect combination.

To help articulate the importance of nature connection within psychiatry, Natalie, an established artist, created a beautiful image based on the Golden Ratio. A theory conceived by the Ancient Greeks and used across architecture, music and art, as well as modern-day branding and design, based on divine proportions also found in plants and shells. The animation was presented to an online conference attended by over 150 psychiatrists from across the UK.

Working as a community psychiatrist to help children and young people can seem a long way away from discussions about global problems like the Climate crisis or sustainable and zero carbon targets, but our house is on fire. By realising that nature matters globally and as a practical way of talking with young people and their families, psychiatrists can make a difference.” Dr Alan Kellas, Nature Lead at The Royal College of Psychiatrists.