Project Stories

Talking Trees

If trees could talk, what would they say?

We achieved the seemingly impossible – giving nature a voice. Combining verdant trees and cutting-edge technology, we created a truly immersive and magical audio tree experience that got everyone talking and, most importantly, listening!

At the heart of what we do is our understanding of the incredible health benefits of nature, but not everyone shares this awareness. So, when the Woodland Trust asked us to create a nature experience for London Tree Week 2017, we knew what we wanted to achieve; giving nature a voice that people might listen to, encouraging physical and mindful activities and educating them on its restorative powers.

An innovative approach, achieved in partnership

Working with ecologists, thought-leaders of the natural world technologists, installation and sonic artists, programmers, electronics engineers and Forest School leaders, we created Talking Trees, an audio trail encompassing some of London’s best trees in Potters Fields Park, Tower Bridge. A Tree Doctor was also on duty, passing out prescriptions for some ‘tree-laxation’.

Real voices for added feeling

We were delighted that so many wonderful people lent us their voices. Like award-winning poet Claire Dyer who wrote an excellent poem for Poetree – an Ash, Hazel Southam, a journalist who voiced Histree and Poco Drom, who gave Biodiversitree – a Wingnut Tree, a beautiful song.

We believe technology can play an essential role in connecting people with nature. That’s why we’re pioneering projects that embrace innovation as an enabler rather than a barrier to boost our connection and engagement with the wild spaces on our doorstep.