Project Stories

Wild Wellbeing

More than just a walk.

How our programme of Wild Wellbeing helps big businesses demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Our organised lunch-hour walks incorporated immersive mindfulness activities such as photography to help workers slow down and connect to the green spaces outside their office. As a result, those involved felt less stressed and more relaxed and enjoyed the positive experience of being part of something.

“I was in such a bad mood before the walk last week, and I was so happy all afternoon after the walk. I told everyone how great it was!” (Participant, Microsoft)

Our unique approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

As the lockdown eased, firms at Thames Valley Business Park were keen to give their staff a positive reason to return to the office, re-connecting them with others and ensuring some of the balance they may have felt working from home was still achievable. The Park also needed to attract and retain big businesses and find a way to differentiate itself whilst making the most of the lovely green spaces available.

Whereas many businesses might dedicate a day for their people to participate in a nature-based wellbeing activity, we wanted to provide something they could attend regularly and learn new skills at the same time, including sustainable floristry and watercolour painting.

With funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by Big Issue Invest, and in partnership with Walk Works, we developed our Walking for Wellbeing programme, a flagship activity which we replicated in other areas, including Reading University, Palmer Park and Prospect Park. The key aim of this grant has been to support Nature Nurture to develop a revenue generating CSR and wellbeing service for the corporate sector, the profits from which can be fed  back into supporting our work with marginalised communities so they can continue to enjoy nature-based activities for free.