Tim Gill supports The Wild Reading Project!

Crikey! Tim Gill is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on childhood, and an effective advocate for positive change in children’s everyday lives…and he supports The Wild Reading Campaign!

Tim was Director of the Children’s Play Council (now Play England) from 1997 to 2004. In 2002 he was seconded to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to lead the first ever Government-sponsored review of children’s play. Tim’s book  No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society was published with great acclaim. Tim says:

[quote name=”Tim Gill, independent researcher and author”] Everyone agrees that regular contact with the natural world is part and parcel of a healthy childhood. Yet far too few children know what it is like to make a daisy chain, chase falling leaves or feel the mud between their toes. We need to figure out how to reconnect children and families with the green spaces that are on their doorstep. The Wild Town project is a great opportunity to do just that. This Berkshire town could pave the way for a nationwide movement to help children rediscover the joys of nature. [/quote]