Wantage Road


Bloom 2024

This year, we are introducing the Wantage Road in Bloom. This will take place throughout spring and summer, involving flower baskets, plant pots, window boxes, or anything related to plants or flowers in our front gardens. All neighbours are encouraged to join in – even just a simple plant pot. Dig out your gardening gloves and get your green fingers ready, as we strive to make the Wantage Road full of colour and beauty throughout the Spring and Summer; won’t that be just bloomin’ marvelous?!?!?

Sunflower growing

Do you think your green fingered enough to grow your own sunflower? Come and collect a seed from the Sunflower seed stall outside 113 Wantage Road on Saturday 30 March, open between 2-4pm. You will be shown how to plant it and then over the next few months, nourish and nurture it to help it grow as tall as can be! There will be a meeting in September to see the tallest sunflower grown on the street! If you can’t make that date, please feel free collect a seed from Steph or Nicky and do it yourself another day.

Whose egg am I?

This is an Easter Hunt, whereby you must look for the birds in the windows of some houses along the street. With each bird, there will be a letter. Write the letters found next to the correct house
number on your sheet, and you can collect an Easter Egg from …. Wantage Road. Collect your sheets from Sarah at …. This will be a hunt you can do in your own time. The pictures and letters will be in the windows of different houses between the 1-14 April.


Flower basket inspiration