Come and Listen to the Trees: 27th May to 4th June, London

Unbelievable but true. We have literally given trees a voice and we can’t wait for you to hear them!

 London Tree Week, 27th May and 4th June, 10am to 4pm. Free Entrance.

Venture along the Thames, just past Tower Bridge and you’ll come across Potters Fields Park. This little green oasis, snuggled beside City Hall, is a haven for people, nature and some very special  trees. We’ve partnered with the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, The Woodland Trust, to bring you an Audio Trail as part of London Tree Week where you can experience:

  • Treelaxation

  • Poetree

  • Biodiversitree

  • Histree

  • Air Qualitree

We are grateful to all the wonderful people who lent their voices, including award-winning poet Claire Dyer who wrote an incredible poem for Poetree. She has given the Ash tree a voice, drawing upon mythology, history, nature and our role in looking after these endangered trees. Also thanks to award winning-journalist Hazel Southam who lent her voice for Histree – it’s gritty and gripping! Then of course the one and only Poco Drom with the amazing Biodiversitree song – but you’ll have to find the Wingnut Tree at Potters Fields Park to hear that!

Below are a few totally treelaxed folk at our debut event in Prospect Park, Reading. That oak is 400 years old!

4P6A1307                                        Photo thanks to Maria Andrews Manifestafilm

Get a free dose of nature from The Tree Doctor

The Tree Doctor will be on duty each day, helping to combat symptoms of ‘Nature Deficit Disorder‘ by prescribing specific talking trees and other doses of nature (including lots of fun, hands on activities throughout the site) …all treatments are FREE on the NHS (Natural Health Service).

IMG_8597                                        Photo thanks to Christopher Widdows

You won’t believe your ears!

These 5 trees will tell your their stories through history, poetry and song. Immerse yourself in an amazing sonic experience and discover the wonderful benefits trees give to people and the planet.

9965 Audio MapTrail Potters Field Park_PRINT_18658 (2)-2

MapListenToTheTreesk_PRINT_18658 (2)-1

Watch our little promo to see how the eclectic Nature Nurture bunch gave trees a voice…

Film by Manifestafilm.

Thanks to the AMAZING team Green TreesThink EngineerWilliam MathewRichard Bentley, Richard Ganpatsingh and ThinkLockhart.

Tech team behind the scenes – a concoction of Raspberry Pi, circuit wizardry and a sprinkle of Python...

Why are we doing this?
Positive health outcomes are linked with access to natural environments rich in biodiversity. The State of Nature Report 2016 revealed that 56% of our native species have declined over recent decades. The HLF State of Parks report 2014 shows our urban green spaces are under threat and highlights the need for communities to take on a greater role in their care. Meanwhile we are less active than ever before and our health system is in crisis. Our sedentary lifestyle is leading to rising levels of obesity & stress.  Poor Air quality is endangering human health.
People need nature. Nature needs people.
Our solution is to  co-design a way to enable nature to talk with technologists, ecologists, creatives and our community, built upon 5 years of  achieving  positive outcomes for health, wellbeing and environmental stewardship through our previous nature engagement projects. Talking Trees connects people with trees. In doing so, their physical activities increase and they experience the restorative effects of nature.  Spending time in the natural environment is the first step towards raising awareness of and postive action on environmental issues.


Potters Fields Park lies at the very heart of London, on the southern side of the Thames. It can be accessed either via Tooley St, Tower Bridge Road, the Queen’s Walk from More London, or from Shad Thames. The best postcode to use for SATNAV or Google maps is SE1 2AA.

The park is managed by the Potters Fields Park Management Trust. They have a great website with fascinating information about the wildlife and history of this special space.