What we do

Nature is not exclusive.

It’s for everybody.

We’re enabling community connection with nature to be part of the solution by placing them at the heart of our programmes, delivered with creativity, kindness and equity.

Working with local authorities, schools, conservation and heritage organisations, health providers and businesses, we deliver hyperlocal nature-based interventions for all, including:

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A creative approach to the wider environmental challenge.

We draw from various creative approaches to bring our concepts to life and make change feel achievable, fun, exciting and relevant to local urban communities.

That’s why we partner with a diverse spectrum of people, conservation charities, community gardening organisation and creative arts, theatre and music groups to ensure that memorable nature experiences are fully accessible for all.

Spending time outdoors has a protective effect on mental health. Restoring and expanding green and blue spaces in urban areas increases the resilience of cities in the face of pandemics.

Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences as part of a international study carried out in March-May 2020.

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