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Workplace wellbeing & CSR

At Nature Nurture, we understand the benefits of nature connection, not only for the health and wellbeing of your employees but also for sparking creativity and fostering teamwork with purpose. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce our Workplace wellbeing & CSR services. Each service has been carefully crafted with the modern, mindful corporation in mind.

Wild Wellbeing

Embark on an adventure with our Wild Wellbeing pop-up events. Choose from nature connection and creative activities, including art from natural materials, nature trails, sound walks, creative writing, bushcraft & mindful photography. We take care of everything from the planning, health & safety and sign up, to materials, refreshments and if you’re feeling adventurous, a feast cooked over a fire!

Price guide

Half Day from £1200

Full Day from £2300

6 week half day programme from £6900

Ask us about our discounts for all year round Wild Wellbeing.

Wild Walks

Step outside of the office and take a breath of fresh air with our facilitated walks in parks, woodlands and along waterways near your workplace.  A great way to make connections, energise your team and harness the benefits of nature. Come on a journey through nature spaces, led by our team of compassionate, professionally-trained staff whose skills span nature connection and the creative arts.

Price guide

6 week programme weekly walks from £2900

Ask us about our discounts for all year round walks.

The Greenspace Challenge ®

Get stuck into vital conservation work to improve Reading’s parks, woodlands and waterways for people and wildlife. Our awaydays have something for everyone, whatever their experience. Maybe your company offers employee volunteering days, but don’t know where to start. Why not use our Greenspace Challenge as a collective way to volunteer as a team in your local community?

Professional photography is included so you can share the great work of your team through your digital communication channels. 

Activities include:

  • Creating pathways
  • Making natural play areas 
  • Tree planting
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Coppicing hazel and willow 
  • Invasive species management
  • Clearing litter
  • Improving habitats for endangered species 
  • Creating wildflower areas
  • Foraging and outdoor cooking

Every participant receives a Greenspace Challenge Certificate.

Price guide

Costs depend on activities chosen and number of participants start from £5500 for 30 people, or £6250 including lunch.

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Check out the Evidence…

Enhanced productivity

Viewing nature rich scenes for short periods of time throughout the work day can enhance worker’s productivity.

Evidence here

Boosted creativity

Spending time immersed in nature  can significantly boosts creativity and problem solving skills, indicating the cognitive advantage of natural settings.   

Evidence here

Reduced stress levels

Results from experimental studies provide evidence of protective effects of exposure to natural environments on mental health outcomes and cognitive function.

Evidence here

Increased cognitive function

There is evidence to convey that those who spend more time in natural settings compared to urban settings have increased cognitive function.

Evidence here

Improved mental health and wellbeing

Walking in nature can produce benefits, such as a decrease in anxiety and preservation of positive affect.

Evidence here

Increased physical activity

Places with natural features can provide a setting for behaviours that enhance health and well-being, such as physical activity and social contact.

Evidence here

Social cohesion and team building

Spending time in natural environments can foster improved social interactions, enhanced mood, and increased cohesion within a group.

Evidence here

Reduced sick leave

Providing nature contact in the physical office work environment can add to the variety of possible health-promoting workplace interventions.

Evidence here

Improved attention capacity

Spending time in nature can have restorative effects on cognitive functioning and help improve attention capacity.

Evidence here

Reduced mental fatigue

Research has found strong evidence between exposure to natural environments and recovery from physiological stress and mental fatigue.

Evidence here

Wild Wellbeing

More than just a walk.

How our programme of Wild Wellbeing helps big businesses demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Our organised lunch-hour walks incorporated immersive mindfulness activities such as photography to help workers slow down and connect to the green spaces outside their office. As a result, those involved felt less stressed and more relaxed and enjoyed the positive experience of being part of something.

Read the full story here