What we do


Achieve your workplace goals with a thriving, inspired, and productive organisation.

Promote a culture of optimism, mental wellbeing and a strong sense of belonging by creating a positive relationship between your people and the outdoor natural spaces around their place of work.

Our workplace wellbeing and CSR programmes, delivered locally to your teams in the Thames Valley, support stress management, attention, cognitive function, empathy and compassionate leadership.

Integrate individual values into your employee experience, unlocking new opportunities and helping your people connect, thrive and grow. 

Drive your environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategies forward in an integrated and authentic way. 

Shape your employer brand and amplify your diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) commitments.

Build a meaningful employee wellbeing strategy led by key trends, e.g. green social prescribing & green exercise.

Create a roadmap for a connected and engaged employee experience.

Develop new possibilities for performance and growth.

“I was in such a bad mood before the walk last week and I was SO happy all afternoon afterwards. I told everyone how great it was!”

Participant, Microsoft

Reset, realign and rebalance your people’s connection with nature for a better way of working.

We design sustainable Wild Days, including wild experiences, walking programmes and conservation activities to support your organisation’s environmental commitments, leadership goals, innovation and creativity.

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Why partner with Nature Nurture?

  • The profits from our programmes go on to fund our work in areas of deprivation in and around Reading. 
  • Our approach is rooted in maximising accessible nature engagement for wellbeing.
  • We prioritise the importance of biodiversity within the climate change conversation, focussing on re-wilding urban spaces
  • We work with data to solve your problems, ensuring you’re investing your money where you can make the most significant difference 
  • We understand how to use outdoor nature spaces and make the most of what you have to create a renewed sense of belonging and ownership

Wild Wellbeing

More than just a walk.

How our programme of Wild Wellbeing helps big businesses demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Our organised lunch-hour walks incorporated immersive mindfulness activities such as photography to help workers slow down and connect to the green spaces outside their office. As a result, those involved felt less stressed and more relaxed and enjoyed the positive experience of being part of something.

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